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We are working on the maintenance of the CBT apps.  Please visit Apple iTunes for the new versions which will be available shortly.

TikalBayTek's products include mobile apps for healthcare, education, and organizational learning clients 

TikalBayTek creates multilingual mobile technology applications for the
Apple iOs platform

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  CBT*ABC way apps

The Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) apps are based on the Thought Record method of Antecedent-Belief-Consequence (ABC) to help young kids, teens,
and adults practice paying attention to negative thoughts and learning to challenge
negative thoughts with reasonable thoughts.  The apps help coach brains to be
good Fact-Checkers.  Because negative feelings are connected to negative thoughts, learning to monitor and challenge negative thoughts can help reduce negative feelings!

    kid CBT*ABC way            teen CBT*ABC way            adult CBT*ABC way                                                       

  And in Spanish - apps TCC*ACC en Español

  TCC*ACC para niñ
os        TCC*ACC para jóvenes      TCC*ACC para adultos




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